Cooking School

NYC TRIP: Around the Culinary World in a Day
Date: Wednesday, October 18 | Time: 7 am - 8:30 pm | Cost: $185
Join us on our international culinary tour of New York! We will board our luxury coach at 7:30 am sharp, following coffee and pastries at The Back Burner To Go starting at 7 am....We'll begin our travels in Little Italy with a three-course lunch at La Mela Ristorante whose primary focus is to offer high-quality, affordable Italian cuisine, in addition to a unique cultural dining experience. Today, this still stands true and why the restaurant is a well-known staple of Mulberry Street. Our menu will include Neopolitano bread, an Italian mixed salad, chicken parmigiana with rigatoni pasta, and for dessert, a homemade Tiramisu, as well as pitchers of soda, coffee, and tea to drink.....As we wander outside the restaurant, the Little Italy neighborhood consists of a few Italian stores and restaurants. From there, we'll venture into Chinatown, and although it's called Chinatown, this eclectic neighborhood is home to people from around the world. You'll discover the oldest Jewish cemetery in the country dating back to 1683, as well as a piece of Revolutionary War history. As you explore this unique neighborhood with your guide, you'll see how Chinese life and culture have completely enveloped the area.....Afterwards, embrace your sweet tooth with a history of chocolate tour. Learn about the origin of cacao, the bean-to-bar process, single origin and blended chocolates, and how fine chocolate compares to its mass produced counterpart. Dive into the decadent goods themselves with a tasting session, where you'll learn to sample like a pro and use the vocabulary of fine chocolatiers to describe the flavors. The tour will end at a chocolate shop to allow time for shopping.....Once you've got a deeper appreciation of chocolate, a more-than-satiated palate, and a full belly, we'll board our bus to head back to Delaware. Bon appetit!

Culinary Arts for the Young at Heart
Date: Tuesday, September 26 | Time: 6-8 pm | Cost: $65
Spice things up with Chef Kip Poole and his culinary students from William Penn High School, who prove just how easy it is for anyone to get into the kitchen and create perfect dish. Their menu will feature traditional Mexican cuisine with a gourmet twist. We'll kick off with fresh guacamole and variety of salsas, including smoked cashew, salsa roja, or salsa arbol. Paired with homemade hot sauces, you'll also enjoy a selection of tacos including skirt steak with mustard seed salsa and onions; chicken with crema and salsa verde; shrimp with sweet corn and lime aioli; buffalo cauliflower with toasted almonds; and red chile pork with salsa roja.

Very Vegetarian
Date: Wednesday, October 4 | Time: 6-8 pm | Cost: $65
Join us for a very exciting discovery of simple, yet delectable, plant-based savory sauces while also spending less time in the kitchen. Chef Shelly Hughes is a certified holistic health coach, has her certifications in plant-based nutrition and professional plant-based cooking, as well as practices a personal plant-based diet. Her menu will include tomato basil hummus, Caesar salad, zucchini manicotti, and finished with a delicious chocolate mousse.

Middle Eastern Mini Series, Pt. 1
Date: Monday, October 9 | Time: 6-8 pm | Cost: $65 - Buy 2 Mini Series Classes, Get One FREE!
Spend a few days in the Middle East with this exciting three-course mini-series! Each of the classes will be conducted by Chef Miram Hamui. From a Jewish family of Syrian descent in Mexico City, Chef Hamui went on to study French cooking around the world. Her diverse cultural and culinary backgrounds are awe-inspiring ..... This first class will feature bazergan, a bulgar pecan and tamarind spread typically served on Fridays to celebrate Shabbat; Syrian patties with eggplant; and finished with a sweet treat: balawa, the Arabic version of the popular baklava (pastry made of layered filo filled with chopped nuts and syrup or honey).

Middle Eastern Mini Series, Pt. 2
Date: Tuesday, October 10 | Time: 6-8 pm | Cost: $65
Travel back to the Middle East for part two of our mini series! Tonight will feature falafel, a deep-fried dough made from ground chickpeas, fava beans, or both; rice and chicken stuffed zucchini; and from Turkey, knafeh, a deliciously rich cheese pastry soaked in a sweet, sugar-based syrup.

Middle Eastern Mini Series, Pt. 3
Date: Wednesday, October 11 | Time: 6-8 pm | Cost: $65
Join us for the final leg of our culinary journey east of the Mediterranean. Our big finale concludes with sambusak, a turnover pastry with a savory filling; chicken breast with artichoke hearts; with delectable greibe, melt-in-your-mouth Lebanese butter cookies, for dessert.

The Comfort of Homemade Soups ~ SOLD OUT
Date: Monday, October 16 | Time: 6-8 pm | Cost: $65
Who doesn't love a steamy hot bowl of soup to keep them warm during the colder months? We welcome our neighbor, Mary Sklar, manager of The Back Burner To Go, to bring us the perfect soups of the season! Mary graduated from The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College and was a lead chef instructor at Sur La Table. The class will begin with Tuscan ribolita, a hearty Italian peasant vegetable soup with pancetta, paired with sourdough bread. The course will also feature a local favorite, Kennett Square Mushroom Soup, made with a variety of mushrooms for maximum flavor. Finally, Mary will create a delightful curried apple and butternut squash soup .

Bon Appetizer!
Date: Monday, October 23 | Time: 6-8 pm | Cost: $65
As we start heading into the holiday party season, Chef Bianca, owner of About the Table, joins us for an incredible tasting of some her favorite appetizers! With six fabulous offerings, there's sure to be a little something for everyone: a traditional charcuterie platter; bleu cheese-stuffed dates wrapped in prosciutto; sweet potato hummus; gingered shrimp toast points; smoked salmon mousse canapes; and roasted berry and ricotta cheese crostini.

Much Ado About Mushrooms ~ SOLD OUT
Date: Monday, October 30 | Time: 6-8 pm | Cost: $65
Tonight we're bringing Kennett Square, the Mushroom Capital of the World, into our very own kitchen. Our instructor, Polly Tindle, has been in the food industry for over 30 years, and grew up outside of Kennett with a love for mushrooms. She placed first and second in the mushroom cook-off when it first began. Her menu will feature cheesey mushroom casserole; savory mushroom pate on crostini; warm mushroom and beef dip served with toast points; and crab-stuffed Portobellos.

Leaven from Heaven
Date: Tuesday, November 7 | Time: 6-8 pm | Cost: $65
Welcome back Chef Riana from The Back Burner To Go for another wonderful class. Her love of cooking excites everyone that attends! On the menu for this evening, we will begin with Vetkoek, a South African fried dough bread, followed by a delicious and healthy green bean casserole. To round out the class, we will finish with a decadent apple cake unlike any other.